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Circle Counter Module PLUS

The Circle Counter Module lets you add a Circle Counter which animates when you scroll to the element. You can also insert an icon and a title.

To insert the Circle Counter Module, click the “Add Module” button in any Column, in the “Select Module” dialog box, click the “Circle Counter” button


  1. Fill Percent - Fill percentage for the counter
  2. Title - Title of the counter, this will be displayed inside the circle counter, not more than 5 letters
  3. Icon - Icon for the Counter
  4. Bar Color - Color of the Circle Counter Bar
  5. Track Color - Color of the Circle Counter Track (Area not filled)
  6. Icon/Text Color - Color of the Icon/Title
  7. Size - Width & Height of the Counter in px
  8. Bar Width - Width of the bar line in px
  9. Show Scales - Show/Hide scales which visually mark the values around the circle
  10. Count Down - Count down instead of counting up
  11. Animation Speed - Speed of the Circle Count Animation in milli seconds
  12. Margin Bottom - Spacing at the bottom for the Module
  13. CSS3 Animation - CSS3 Animation for the Module
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