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Managing Sections

Add a New Section

To add a new section click on the “Add New Section” button and a blank section will be added to the Page Builder layout

Clone a Section

To clone an existing section, click the copy icon located at the right side in the section header

Remove a Section

To remove a section, click the remove icon located at the right side in the section header

Expand/Collapse a Section

To expand or collapse a section, click the expand/collapse icon (Triangle facing Up or Down) located at the right side in the section header

Reordering Sections

You can reorder any section you want, simply place the cursor on the section header and click hold and then drag to it’s desired location

Section Settings

You can edit the Section settings by clicking the settings icon located at the right side in the row header.

Below are all the Section settings

  1. Background Image - Background image for the section
  2. Image Attachment - You can choose if you want the image to be fixed which will create a nice parallax effect or just scroll with the content
  3. Background Color - Background color for the section
  4. Background Video (MP4 & WEBM) PLUS - Background Video for the section
  5. Background Video Loop PLUS - Do you want to play the Background Video in a continuos loop ?
  6. Background Video Mute Audio PLUS - Mute the Background Video’s audio
  7. Fullscreen PLUS - Makes the section width and height to the browser viewport width & height
  8. Section Seperator - Top & Bottom PLUS - Adds a nice CSS3/SVG based seperator
  9. Content Type - Should the section content be boxed or full width ? If you set this to full width all the rows in this sections will be fluid and they will expand 100% to the browser width. Use this option to create full width galleries, sliders and columns
  10. Text Color - Color of the content/text inside the section
  11. Padding Top - The empty space at the top of the section, use this to control spacing around your section and create visual differentiators
  12. Padding Bottom - The empty space at the bottom of the setion
  13. Border Top Color & Width - Set the section top border and color
  14. Border Bottom Color & Width - Set the section bottom border and color
  15. CSS Class - Add any additional CSS classes for custom styling
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