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Pricing Table Module PLUS

The Pricing Table Module lets you add Pricing Tables. Below is how it looks in the Front End

To insert the Pricing Table Module, click the “Add Module” button in any Column, in the “Select Module” dialog box, click the “Pricing Table” button


  1. Pricing Columns Vertical Alignment - Vertically align the Pricing Columns - Top, Bottom or Middle
  2. Margin Bottom - Spacing at the bottom for the Module
  3. CSS3 Animation - CSS3 Animation for the Module



Once you add a Pricing Table Module, you can add Items inside it, the items are the actual Tab Items. By default a blank item will be added to the Module

Clicking the “Pencil”  Icon will open the Item “Settings”, clicking the Remove/Delete   Icon will remove the item.

Item Settings

  1. Title - Title for the Pricing Item, this will be the text the User will see at the top of the item
  2. Title Background Color - Background Color of the Title
  3. Title Text Color - Text Color of the Title
  4. Price - Price of the Item
  5. Price Background Color - Background Color of the Price
  6. Price Text Color - Text color of the Price
  7. Currency - Currency symbol of the Price
  8. Per - If the Price is a subscription, enter the term (Day, Week, Month etc)
  9. Button URL - URL the Button should point to
  10. Button Text - Text of the Button
  11. Content - HTML/Text for the Pricing Item, write each feature in a new line (Ctrl + Enter to go to new line)
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